Lineage 2 Revolution guide: Our top 10 picks for best classes to begin with

Whether you buy adena in Lineage 2 and powerlevel your character just to focus on PVP or you grind all day without making on-line Lineage 2 item purchases the class choice will make or break your gameplay.

Lineage 2 Revolution guide

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Lineage 2 Revolution guide - top 10 picks

We have created a top 10 pick from 24 available classes divided by race (classes, same as in Lineage 2 will be race and gender locked). Enjoy our Lineage 2 Revolution guide.



Hawkeye is an advancement of Rogue class. With their long range AOE attacks that snare opponents they are amazing tool for leveling up fast and grinding as well as large-scale PVP scenarios. Doesn’t go too well in dungeons without any hard-cc and his mediocre mobility makes him a little bit lackluster in 1v1 PVP.


Paladin is a true jack of all trades. As a tank advancement from a Warrior it has a wide array of defensive abilities but also deals high AOE burst damage which makes him pretty efficient in leveling up, very good in dungeons and does extremely well in all kinds of PVP scenarios due to his versatility.


Mystic advancement, bishop is a little pain to level up due to mediocre PVE damage and poor skillset to kite and burst down packs but as soon as you get into PVE dungeons you will fall in love with that class. Not only he can cast huge heals but also has ton of hard-cc stuns, those also help Bishop a lot when it comes to PVP validity. When it comes to bishop there is only one rule: Bishop Does Not Die


Silver Ranger

Pointy-eared equivalent of human Hawkeye. Advancement of a Rogue class. You would pick silver ranger for the same reason you would pick a Hawkeye – long range AOE damage perfect for fast grind. Difference between the two is that Silver Ranger trades Hawkeyes slows for additional movement and attack speed making them way more mobile and deadly in PVP

Sword Singer

Damage dealing advancement of Warrior class. Thanks to high mobility and mid-range attacks its pretty good for grinding but they really excel at group play due to a variety of powerful group buffs he can place upon his allies.

Temple Knight

Tank advancement of elvish Warriors is okay when it comes to leveling up but where Temple Knights really shine is the PVP, due to their 5 second invulnerability they can spread chaos on the battlefield and emerge unscathed making them a solid foundation for any mass and low scale PVP.

Spell Singer

Another Elf. Powerful AOE skills allow it to grind fast. Steady, sustained high-dps makes them a valuable asset to any dungeon setup and their CC abilities, even though tricky to use, make them a terrifying opponent in small-scale PVP. Altho they lack mobility and AOE slows-snares they are good behind enemy lines.

Dark Elf

Abyss Walker

Abyss Walkers are high burst high risk evolution of Dark Elf Rogue. Leveling up is very fast but tricky at times due to low HP pool. In dungeons Abyss Walkers are the top damage dealers currently. In PVP they are more of a ganking class than an open-combat one so keep that in mind.

Blade Dancer

Blade dancers are a warrior advancement and currently is the most popular class in Korea. Due to a huge versatility it’s a good pick for both PVE and PVP activities of any kind. Two active self-buffs  make Blade Dancer effective for any activity.



The last but not least and the only Dwarf entry is amazingly fun. Slow but extremely high-damage hits make this class fun for both leveling and small scale PVP. Movement impairing abilities makes slayers an amazing assets in medium-scale pvp and dungeons, high burst damage and innate survivability makes slayers extremely powerful opponent in 1v1.
So there you have it folks, whether you buy Lineage 2 gold and items or farm it – those are the most powerful classes in Lineage 2 Revolution in Korea at the moment. Keep in mind that before Western release things might change a little bit but overall meta presents itself like this. Comeback for more Lineage 2 Revolution guides.


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