Blade and Soul Assassin Guide - Lightning Assassin - PVE

Assassin is a Jin-only class capable of dealing terrifying amounts of damage in huge bursts. Relying mostly on combo chains and environment awareness it requires a skilled player to be handled properly. Combat relies heavily on stealth and keeping up your poison stacks. Today we’ll be focusing on lightning build. 

Blade and Soul Assassin Guide - Lightning Assassin - PVE 


Let's talk items first as Lightning Build is really gear dependant. There are three items that stack well together and are a staple of every good assassin DPS build. Divine Dragon Bracelet greatly increases damage when using Fighting Spirit, attack speed of Heart Stab while under Divine Dragon effect (with additional 475% damage bonus on hit). Holy Fire Soul Badge and Revelation Mystic Badge synergize with the bracelet extremely well. Holy Fire will decrease cooldown of Heart Stab upon using Fighting Spirit cooldown, Revelation Badge will trigger Inner Chant for 10 seconds when using Fighting Spirit which will grant even more attack power bonus to successful heart stab (200%). 

Skill Setup

This setup is build for PVE. So if you want to switch to PVP there will be some changes. For pvp scenarios you want Knockdown on your Shadow Slash. Under “F” instead of Lightning Pierce you would pick Close Shave. Daze on your Decoy, Knockdown on Shadow Drain and Stun on your Lightning Rod.


Open combat with Choke Bomb then press V for your Fighting Spirit buff and hold RMB for next 10 seconds. Once the buff is off, continue with standard rotation of RMB -> F -> 4. And that’s pretty much it. Remember to use Shadow Drain on every cooldown.

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