ESO - “The Sting” a pvp archer build

Snipers, bane of every FPS game. Praised by their teammates for well-placed shot or taking out precise targets or hated by… anyone else for “lack of skill”. It’s no different in Elder Scrolls Online. Building a reliable sniper build is a little bit tricky and requires more than just “spam snipe”.

Elder Scrolls Online alchemy guide

Alchemy is one of the most vital Elder Scrolls Online trading skill. Developing it is a must for any dungeon runner and Cyrodilll dweller. Created potions and poisons can give a great boost to your defenses, damage, recover resources or drain resources from your enemy. What is more mastering alchemy tree will make the mixtures you use more potent and last longer.

MU Legend Review

Mu Legend is a continuation of a popular Korean MMORPG released in 2003 - MU. Once again we will be able to visit a mystical continent of Mu based on books of James Churchward. Developed, same as its predecessor, by Webzen studio and released for Windows PC

Lineage 2 Macro Guide - Advanced examples part 3

So now that we are past the basic macros and using them to spam your l2 adena and l2 items spam we can now continue to use them for a little bit more advanced things like levelling and maintaining buffs.

Lineage 2 Macro Guide Basics part 2

So now that you know how to create a macro you surely feel intimidated by the amount of commands you can use. You can create a simple “yell” macros allowing you to type in a message in a single click. To do that just type in the message you want to pass through like “Buy Adena Lineage 2! Buy items Lineage 2!”  Just have in mind that plain text macros CANNOT be looped.

Lineage 2 Macro Guide part 1

Lineage 2 Macro Guide pt. 1 – The Basics
If you are a new player to Lineage 2 the skill bar and character control might seem little outdated and odd, fortunately enough with “Helios” expansion, players have been introduced with the ability to create various macros that greatly enhance their abilities. It doesn’t matter if you are a healer, raider, pvp-er  or you want to buy adena – everyone uses macros.

Blade and Soul tier list

Tutorial of Class pick. This post is deticated to everybody who is planning to return to Blade and Soul. 

Lineage 2 Revolution guide: Our top 10 picks for best classes to begin with

Whether you buy adena in Lineage 2 and powerlevel your character just to focus on PVP or you grind all day without making on-line Lineage 2 item purchases the class choice will make or break your gameplay.

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ArcheAge Guide part. 1 – Choosing your race and class

If you still didn’t touch Arche Age for one reason or another, either because of big ArcheAge gold sellermarket or because of pay-2-win mechanics, with the launch of new servers that limited the freemium services perhaps now is the time to finally get yourself immersed in this huge MMO.

Path of Exile Guide Build:Chin Sol Shrapnel Traps

Chin Sol Shrapnel Trap Build revolves around a single Path of Exile item a Chin Sol bow and its unique property – 100% increased bow damage in close range.

ESO Motif Guide – Part One

Whether you buy ESO items or you sell them for that sweet Elder Scrolls Online gold, motifs are one of the things that keeps the economy spinning.
Here is a quick guide to how to obtain the rare motifs, be sure to collect them all!