Spell Totem PoE - how to become unstoppable with the power of the Totems!

Every MMORPG lover knows what Path of Exile is. This phenomenal action role-playing MMO became one of the main flagships of the genre thanks to its compelling gameplay, enjoyable story, and dark fantasy setting mixed with a never-ending customization system. This created the optimal mix that served as a start to a loyal fan base. Path of Exile is not an easy game to get into. The interface and graphics are moderately confusing to new players, but once they understand the mechanics, increasing level and totem placement will be just easy things to perform.

However, there's a well-trodden path before you can become one of the best PoE players out there. This doesn't mean that is not an impossible task, but it will surely require a lot of your effort and precious hours to perform. Knowing to master gems is necessary, increasing your speed, damage and skill level are activities that every Path of Exile user needs to do, but mastering the correct spell totems will grant you an unimaginable advantage in this dark twisted world.

Poe culling strike - a deeper look at Culling Strike

Path of Exile is a very complex game with multiple mechanics that might be quite tough to understand. In this guide, we will be taking a deeper look at Culling Strike. We plan to cover everything that there is to know about this mechanic so if you want to get to know it better hop onto the article below.

Astellia PvP - immensely exciting part of game

The opportunity to test your skills (and gear) in combat against other players has been one of the main selling points of MMORPG for years. Whether it’s an organized, structured competition or a more chaotic skirmish – PvP always is an immensely exciting part of basically every game.  

Guild Wars 2 Level Cap - how to reach it fast and what to do after

Multiple MMORPGs have shown different approaches to capping the maximum level. Some titles want to keep the vertical progression rolling forever – they raise the cap with major updates and expansions. They’ll also often introduce stronger items and more challenging zones. This system introduces power creep to the game and makes the players grind to keep up with the best.

Trove Candy Barbarian Guide - Become a fearsome Savage!

Candy Barbarian is a melee class in Trove that is great for new players. It doesn't necessarily mean that it falls short in the late game relative to other classes as Candy Barbarian is always strong and viable for every bit of content. The build provided in this guide will show you how you should build your profession so it could reach its highest potential.

6 Trove tips - you won't believe the fourth!

Everyone who has contact with Trove knows the fact that it isn't the most straightforwards MMO title in the world as some of the details about leveling and getting higher Power Rank might be tricky for new players. Today we want to show you some basic tips that will allow you to get better in the game. Whether you are a completely fresh player and that's your first contact with Trove, or you're an advanced adventurer that wants to learn new things - check out the text below to see how you can improve.

Trove Daily Bonus - All what you have to do!

In the world of Trove, everyday players can receive special benefits by doing certain activities related to ongoing events. Those are called Daily Bonuses, and they are different for each day of the week. They change every 24 hours resetting exactly at 4 AM server time (7 AM EST). Here is a list of what events you can expect every day of the week.

Guild wars 2 emotes

Guild Wars 2 emote system was made to let players express their feelings with more than simple words. If you are looking to show your affection towards one another or express your hostility to the enemy that you hate then emote system might be just what you need to express yourself. Just like in real life one smile or a bit of anger might change how you perceive others and how others see you. Show what you have in mind with the emotions listed below. On the topic of Guild Wars 2, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer on Guild Wars 2 Gold.

MappleStory2 Review 2019 - Few facts about MS2

MapleStory 2 is a sequel to the original game with the same title developed by Korean studio – Wizet and published by Nexon. Released in 2015 in the home country of South Korea, MP2 was presented to the rest of the world over three years later. So what we, people leaving outside Seoul, missed out on?

Osrs money making - how to quickly get rich in Old School Runescape

There are numerous ways to make gold in osrs. In this money making guide we are going to list few of them that can net you profit both in beginning of your adventure and later in the game without breaking any rules or privacy policy.

Albion Online Review 2019

MMORPGs should never die. This genre of games has something special in it that other genres in the industry can’t provide. Here, we made our first online friendships, with some surviving up until this point, we had our first betrayals, hardships of fighting for leadership with fellow adventurers, memorable journeys, raids, the excitement of accomplishing something big with your guild, becoming famous on your server through your deeds, killing that first boss that no other player has ever slain. Good times. And yeah, I played a lot, no regrets.

EVE Online Guide - Fast Introdution into EVE

EVE Online doesn’t have to be introduced to anyone these days. One of the largest, if not the largest MMO Sandbox that lets you explore various galaxies in the vast space of New Eden. The game still has an active community, reaching an average of 30k of concurrent players every day. The game has a single large universe, meaning that everyone plays on the same server.

Albion Online Silver Farming - 8 ways of farming silver

Albion Online is a massively multiplayer role-playing game released in 2017 by Sandbox Interactive. It is set in a world of medieval fantasy. The game’s stand out point is its unique classless system, the characters possibilities aren’t defined by a profession selected at the beginning of the game, but instead, they depend on the equipped gear.

Lineage 2 Adena Farming Guide

An efficient and simple way to speed farm L2 Adena

Adena is the basic currency used in the game of Lineage 2: Revolution. You will need it in order to purchase most items from the shop. Content of this guide will help you learn how to farm Adena with higher efficiency. I want to share with you some of the best strategies (that work in practice) to save time while trying to start your farm. Follow these tips to make sure you’re on the right track.

Lineage 2 Skills - Read about L2 Skills

When it comes to new skill system in Lineage 2 lore, you have a lot of them. Every one of them is unique and epic, so the community of players is pleased with the fresh wind of the game. Locations, tools and a lot of activities are also freshened and made very special.