Osrs money making - how to quickly get rich in Old School Runescape

There are numerous ways to make gold in osrs. In this money making guide we are going to list few of them that can net you profit both in beginning of your adventure and later in the game without breaking any rules or privacy policy.

OSRS Money Making - Low level methods 

1. Tanning Cowhides (free)

Every Runescape player should know about this money making method as it does not require any combat levels. It’s old content but still very profitable for every new player. In this method we will focus on bringing cowhides from your bank account to a tanner. For both f2p and p2p players Ellis in Al-Kharid will be the best choice. All you need to do is to withdraw 27 hides and 81 coins (required as a payment for tanner) and head to building north of the bank (search just above the smith). When you are there just right click Trade Ellis then tan all the leathers. This averages out to about 1350 hides tanned per hour which you can increase up to 2000 while using energy or stamina potions. If you don’t have money to start off just collect cow hides from cows in lumbridge although it is recommended to tan hides already stacked in bank for more effective and less time consuming results.

Profit : Around 54k gold per hour

Requirements : none

2. Fletching headless arrows (members)

Headless arrows are made by using feathers on arrow shafts. You can craft arrow shafts from wooden logs by simply using knife on them. Most of the high level fletchers will not put their time to make headless arrows and just but them off grand exchange. This creates opportunity to make gold. All you need to do is use feathers on arrow shafts and choose the amount you want to make. This is very afk-friendly method although it is not entirely free unless you collect feathers by yourself.

Profit : 80k gold per hour

Requirements : Arrow shafts and feathers (or gold for them)

3. Collecting planks (free)

Planks are material used in lower contruction levels and in some quests. As they cannot be made but only collected you can make money by simply running around Barbarian Agility course while picking them up. Switching worlds after picking up every plank is faster than waiting for them so it is recommended in this method.

Profit : 130k per hour

Requirements : None

4. Cutting Teak Trees for Logs (Members)

Teak Logs can be collected with woodcutting skill by simply cutting down Teak Trees South- West of Castle Wars. They are used in both Firemaking and Construction which makes them good item for sale. Depending on your woodcutting level you can make somewhere between 100 and 300k gold. Since only 35 woodcutting is required to start off, it is one of the best early game moneymakers for new players that don’t want to waste their time skilling early on. To get around faster use ring of dueling for cheap Castle Wars teleports.

Profit : Between 100 and 300k gold made by hour

Requirements : 35 Woodcutting (Although more is recommended for better gains)

5. Collecting wine of Zamorak (free)

Wine of Zamorak is one of more recognized money making methods in osrs. To start collecting Wine of Zamorak you need to go to the chaos temple west of Goblin Village. Equip air staff and take with you law and water runes. When you get to temple simply use Telekinetic Grab spell to take Wine of Zamorak from the table and repeat this process every time it spawns until your inventory is full. After that just use Falador Teleport spell or run to the bank to store your new acquired loot. This method will not only let you earn gold buy also train magic.

Profit : Around 200k gold per hour

Requirements : 33 magic for Telekinetic Grab spell, some law and water runes, air staff

6. Smithing dart tips (free)

Processing low level bars like bronze or iron might be profitable since bronze bar costs are low (around 120 gold) and one bar can be used to make ten dart tips worth 240 gold. Players can go through around 1000 bars per hour making ten times more dart tips. The best place to use this method would be Varrock since its anvils are closest to bank making trips between each other faster and profit bigger.

Profit : Around 100k gold per hour

Requirements: Gold for bronze or iron bars, The Tourist Trap quest

7. Picking up bananas (free)

This money making method does not require anything else than time but it would be best to take with you amulet of glory and ring of dueling. To start off simply head to Musa Point (quickest way by using amulet of glory) and start picking bananas from trees. If you want to maximize your profit make sure you take with you baskets that can hold up to 5 bananas each. This will help getting more bananas per trip. After your inventory space runs out use ring of dueling to teleport to castle wars. Deposit all your gathered bananas and repeat the process from beginning. Filled baskets are better sellers than bananas alone since people use them in farming so make sure you put them in grand exchange.

Profit : Around120k per hour

Requirements: None

8.Smithing iron bars at blast furnace (members)

Smithing usually is more expanse generating skill than gold making one. Not this time though. This process is a great opportunity to make profits while gaining smithing experience. Depending on your skills and activity your profit may wary. To start off head to official blast furnace world - 358 or 386. After purchasing raw materials (iron ore in this case) head to the coffer and deposit 72k coins to pay off using blast furnace for an hour. When everything is ready just place iron ore on conveyor belt. Retrive your bars from dispenser by cooling it off with bucket of water or just simply take it if you have ice gloves equipped. Repeat process until gold from coffer runs out or you run out of iron ore.

Profit : 100-200k per hour

Requrements: 15 Smithing (although 60 would make blast furnace

free to enter)

9.Collecting climbing boots (members)

To get rock climbing boots you need to get to Tenzing. Quickest way to reach this point is from either Castle Wars or Edgeville bank. Tenzing is located between Warrior’s Guild and Death Plateau. If you want to rise your profit make sure to equip Weight-reducing clothing and use either stamina or energy potions. Once you arrive at NPC location just click on him and spam space until your inventory fills with boots. When you finish just head to bank it all and repeat the process for as long as you want.

Profit : 300k per hour

Requirements : None (althrough higher agility will result in more

money made)

OSRS Money Making - Medium level methods

1. Killing chaos druids (members)

Although this method does not require high combat level or other skills it might be

risky. Killing chaos druid is quite profitable since these red robed monks drop many expensive herbs and are only 13 combat level. Depending on what level you are filling inventory to the brim might take just few minutes. You can find these guys in Dungeons – Edgeville, Taverley and Yanille. Just take some food with you and remember to run if someone attacks you since they spawn only in wilderness.

Profit : 150k per hour

Requirements : Around 40 combat and equipment needed for the fight

2. Collecting black scimitars from castle in Ardougne (members)

Black scimitars are weapons that cannot be crafted by any skill. To obtain this piece of equipment you have to either kill mobs trying to loot it or collect it from specific location. To start off head to Ardougne Castle with your lockpicks and open southernmost door on 1st floor of the castle. Pick up your reward and switch worlds to repeat process. If your skill is high enough 72 thieving will let you open King Lathas Chest teleporting you close to the bank.

Profit : 250k per hour

Requirements : Lockpicks and 61 Thieving

3. Making mahogany planks from mahogany logs (members)

To make mahogany planks you need to take mahogany logs to be cut at the sawmill near Varrock. Each plank will require one log and 1500 gold. Although there are no requirements for this method it would be best to finish Enlightened Journey quest unlocking balloon travelling system. Start out in Castle Wars lobby where you can withdraw logs and gold. To fill up your inventory you need 39k gold and 26 logs. Run north of the lobby and take balloon to Varrock. After you arrive go north and buy all mahogany planks from Sawmill Operator. To teleport back just use ring of dueling.

Profit : 250k per hour

Requirements : None (Enlightened Journey to achive stated profit)

4. Making potions with herblore (members)

To use this money making method you will need some levels in herblore (minimum would be 22). If your herblore skill is lower than 60 it would be best to rise it up beforehand because all of the most profitable potions are around this level. That being said all you need are herbs of your choice (for example snapdragon) and vials of water. Fill up your inventory with 14 snapdragon and 14 vials of water and simply use them on each other until your inventory fills up with potions. Each inventory should take about 15seconds with banking which means that you can make around 3400 potions per hour.

Profit : 700k gold per hour

Requirements : Druidic ritual quest and gold for herbs/flasks

5. Humidifying clay with magic (members)

Soft Clay if often used by players who train their crafting skill. Often they don’t have time to wet clay by themselves which is how we are going to make a money on it. Demand for soft clay is always high since not many people these days use this method. One cast of Humudify spell will turn full inventory of clay to soft clay. Just get astral runes to cast the spell and equip steam battle staff to nullify the cost of getting other runes. When playing at maximum efficiency this method will net you around 22k+ soft clay per hour.

Profit : Around 500k gold profit per hour

Requirements: Steam battle staff, Clay, Astral Runes and DreamMentor Quest

6. Killing green dragons for loot (free)

Green Dragons are famous creatures for money makers in OSRS not without a reason. They drop valuable dragon bones and green dragon hides and are quite easy to kill. All you need is your fighting equipment, potions to increase your dps (and gold made) and some food. If you are going to fight these creatures don’t forget anti dragon shield which will save you from dragon breaths and looting bag to increase your inventory capacity. You can find Green Dragons north of Grand Exchange on the wilderness but be careful of PK and always bring with you some food and teleportation items.

Profit : Around350k per hour

Requirements: 80+ melee or 60+ range, 25 prayer

7. Fletching diamond bolts (members)

To craft diamond bolts you need adamant bolts and diamond bolt tips. Just simply buy both and use one on another. This process is very quick so you can make up to 27k bolts every hour. The biggest advantage of using this method is not gold made but massive experience that you will gain during this process. If you want to make sure that you make as much as you can buy one diamond bolt before selling all that you made. Check what was the price of it and list it just slightly lower. This is great money making methods for those liking less clic intensive activities. Remember that depending on patience that you put in selling these your profit per hour can be higher so consider leaving auctions for the night.

Profit :Around 350k per hour

Requirements: Gold for resources, 65 fletching

8. Casting Superglass Make spell (members)

Superglass Make spell is lunar magic that can be cast to combine sand and seaweed into molten glass. To prepare for this process buy buckets of sand and seaweed in 1:1 ratio. You will also need one astral rune for every 6 pairs of sand/seaweed. Start off by withdrawing items from your bank. Your inventory should consist of 13 seaweeds, 13 buckets of sand and few astral runes. Cast Superglass Make spell and deposit molten glass that you’ve received. After that repeat the process. Remember to set keybinds in your bank for more effective item management. This method is great both in terms of gold making and skilling as you will receive around 34k magic exp and 60k crafting exp per hour.

Profit : Around 500k gold per hour

Requirements : 77 Magic, Lunar Spellbook, Lunar Diplomacy quest

9. Tanning Green Dragonhides (free)

All types of dragonhides can be used as goldmakers with tanning but in this guide we will only focus on green ones as these are easier to obtain and don’t require as much gold as other types. Just as with cowhides all you need to do is to invest some money in hides and run between bank and Tanner in Al-Kharid. To make your routes more efficient use energy potions that will increase your running length. To start off simply fill up your inventory with hides in bank and take them all to

tanner north of Al-kharid bank (just above the smith). Use them on Ellis and select Tan all.

Profit : 370k per hour

Requirements : Gold

10. Catching Minnow (members)

Minnow is type of fish that can be caught with small fishing net. Unlike other fishing spots it isn’t very AFK friendly since they move every 15 seconds to different locations. On the other hand they don’t require inventory space since all of them will stack in one spot. Minnows can be exchanged for Raw Sharks at Kylie Minnow NPC at 40:1 rate. On this spot you can farm without banking items just by simply clicking fishing spots every 15 seconds.

Profit : Around 200k per hour

Requirements : 82+ Fishing, Fishing Contest quest and small fishing net

OSRS Money Making - High level methods

1. Hunting Black Chinchompas (members)

Black Chinchompas are used by many high level players to quickly train ranged skill. This creates high demand for them on Grand Exchange and creates opportunity for gold making. To do this method just go to black chinchompa spawn and put some box traps. Make sure to look when chins spawn and set traps accordingly. Kill any chinchompa that wanders off your trap and set it again if necessary. In the end you should catch around 240 chins per hour.

Profit : Around 700k

Requirements : 80 Hunter, 6 box traps, Eagles Peek quest, ranged equipment to kill wandering chins

2. Making raw summer pies (members)

This simple method revolves around using few ingredients on pie shells. Go to the Grand Exchange and buy off Pie Shells, Strawberries, Watermelons and Cooking Apples in same amounts. Withdraw 14 Strawberries and 14 Pie Shells and combine them to make Part Summer Pies. After that repeat this process with Watermelons and add Cooking Apples in the end. When you finish you should have Raw Summer Pies that you can sell for gold on Grand Exchange. Up to 740 Raw Summer Pies can be made by hour.

Profit : Around650k

Requirements: 95 Cooking and 1mil+ gold for ingredients

3. Pickpocketing master farmers (members)

Pickpocketing master farmers can result in amazing gold made on higher levels of thieving. You can find master farmer Martin in Draynor Village. If you get there try trapping NPC so he won’t move increasing your gold made. At the low level thieving (around 38) you can pickpocket them with around 50% success rate although on 90 level this rate goes up to 98%. This results in increasing profit made from 300k per hour up to 1mil per hour. Remember to bring with you rogue equipment for double loot and seed box to increase space available in your inventory.

Profit : up to 1mil per hour

Requirements : 38 Thieving (90+recommended)

4. Growing magic tree saplings (members)

This is one of the best money making methods known in OSRS. Magic saplings are used to train Farming and take a lot of time to grow while also not giving too much experience. Because of that people who have gold will pay a lot to make their life easier. To plant seeds in pots simply use seed on pot while having gardening trowel in your inventory. When you finish make sure to cast Humidify spell to water down all plants in your inventory. This will save you the time running around with watering can and clicking on every sapling. Keep in mind that magic seeds have relatively low buying limit on Grand Exchange so you might want to stack them beforehand.

Profit : Up to 6mil per hour

Requirements : Astral Runes, Magic seeds, Filled plant pots, Dream Mentor Quest , Lunar Spell book, Steam Battle staff, Gardening Trowel , 75 Farming, 68 Magic

5. Flipping items on Grand Exchange (free)

In terms of osrs money making this can be the most time efficient one. This way of gold making requires good amount of cash to start with. What you need to do is search for items with high profit margins. To find best ones try using online services that track sell rates and prices of grand exchange equipment. Find item that you think could sell for more and try to buy it in big amounts for as cheap as possible. After you acquired items that you want to sell just put them on GE with bigger price and be patient. Remember that using this method can net you huge profits but also have a risk of being a time and gold waste.

Profit : Unlimited

Requirements : Gold

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