Path of Exile Guide Build:Chin Sol Shrapnel Traps

Chin Sol Shrapnel Trap Build revolves around a single Path of Exile item a Chin Sol bow and its unique property – 100% increased bow damage in close range.

Path of Exile Guide Build

Now, here is the Path of Exile Guide build trick – the “close range” is not determined by how close your bow-wielding character is to the enemy but how close source of arrow is to the enemy, in short – you do not have to be the source of the damage. Now, what else shoots arrows that is not a player? Shrapnel Shot supported by trap support or “Trapnel”. 

path of exile guide chin sol shrapnel traps
The concept is really simple – you throw a trap at mobs and they die. Path of exile build is really simple and not too expensive (entire build can close at around 10C). The build synergizes strongly with Point Blank keystone, but before you get there you should be focusing around elemental damage, life and critical strike chance, after you have those basics covered you want to grab all your trap passives working your way towards the point blank grabbing the acrobatics along the way. Saboteur ascendancy provides many great passives and tools for trap-based builds so it’s an obvious choice here.

Path of Exile Guide Build: Chin Sol Shrapnel Traps

Chon Sol is obviously not the only epic item on our list. If you want to buy PoE orbs or items  we recommend Path of Exile trade forums. Here is a short list of items making this build more effective and their average PoE Market prices:

·         Chin Sol Assassins Bow – 10c
·         Deerstalker Deerskin Boots – 10c
·         Tinkerskin Sadist Garb – 1c or 1v
·         Blackgleam – 1alch

·         Collateral Damage Viridian Jewel – 1c

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